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Why choose MouthCAM?

  • Provide High-Quality Care

    HD image capturing & imperishable LEDs that take bright and clear pictures of your patient's mouth.

  • Comfortable Use & Ergonomic

    MouthCAM is designed with your comfort in mind. It is easy to use, even for beginners.

  • Remote Support & Better Care

    Enable dentist to track & monitor patient compliance outside of the dental office

  • Seamless Connectivity With Any Device

    Connects with phones, tablets, computers and even smart TV’s (LG) connecting patients and providers on almost any device.

Improved diagnosis & treatment planning

When you can make patient understand what you see, it makes decision making easier for both side.

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Reduced chair time & increased patient comfort

Intraoral cameras reduce the amount of time spent on each patient, as well as increase patient comfort by avoiding traditional methods like x-rays.

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Improved patient communication & education

This technology allows us to better communicate with and educate our patients about their oral health.

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Attraction of new patients

A great way to show off our state-of-the-art technology and modern facilities to new patients. This can help to attract more business and grow our practice.

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  • Medical Design Excellence Award

  • Cellerant Best of Class Award

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